Please help raise money to digitize old football game films!!

I have about thirty 16mm films of Monticello Redman football games. 
They are silent and about 15 minutes long. 
I really want to copy them from 16mm film to digital. 
Who would be interested in DVD copies of any of these seasons or games? 
I have already transferred one film to DVD but it cost me $100 to convert the one film. 
Looking for peoples ideas, opinions, and level of interest in helping me pay for getting them copied to DVD. 
I am not looking to profit from this just want to cover the raw costs to do this. 
I may have some more films turn up in this project too. 
I also have access to about 75 more VHS game films from approx 1993 thru approx 200 that i would like to copy to DVDs too. 
I have created a Go Fund Me campaign to help raise the money to have these copied to dvds

1977 Maple Lake
1977 STMA
1977 Delano
1977 Kimball
1977 Rockford

1978 Annandale
1978 DC
1978 HLW
1978 Watertown

1980 STMA
1980 Watertown
1980 Albany
1980 HLW
1980 DC
1980 Delano
1980 Annandale
1980 Rockford
1980 Melrose

1981 Rockford
1981 STMA
1981 Watertown
1981 Delano
1981 Albany
1981 DC
1981 Melrose

1982 Melrose

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